2019 Louisiana Hall of Fame Inductee - Ashley Matherne Cain

Ashley Matherne Cain

  Destrehan, Louisiana

High School:   Destrehan High School

College: Nicholls State University

  Anything outdoors and cookie and cake decorating

How did you get started:   By chance, I wanted to take the weights PE class in college and had to go talk to the teacher who instructed the class to see if I could get approval to be added to the class. That's when I met Jon Magendie and he asked me about powerlifting. I had no idea what it was and could only imagine it being something that would make me look "huge" like a body builder and I wasn't interested. He invited me to a powerlifting team work out and the rest is history.
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First meet:   My first meet was in November 2002 after about 2 weeks of practice. I placed 3rd with a 490 lb raw total at the University Cup held at Nicholls State University.

Last meet:   My most recent meet was my last meet at the 2008 Open World Championships in St Johns, Canada. I knew this was probably going to be my last meet and I wanted nothing more than to come home with a medal. As luck would have it, days before competing, I came down with the flu and ended up in the ER in Canada two days before competing. I was able to regain enough strength and gave it my all. I had a few rough lifts but ended up placing 3rd in bench and my goal came to fruition getting to stand on the podium at an Open World meet receiving a Bronze medal. I placed 10th overall out of 14 and could not have been happier.

Family:   Married to Justin Cain and we have 2 children, Alexis and Jase

Occupation:   Customer Service for Emerson, Rosemount Division

Gym:   Fletcher’s House of Power in Baton Rouge, LA

Your best meet ever:   2004 Junior Worlds in Pretoria, South Africa This was my first Junior World Championships. I was in shock when I found out I won. Anyone who knows me, knows I don't pay attention to placement or numbers while lifting. I give all my trust to my coaches, they pick my lifts and I just focus on getting white lights. There is not a more amazing feeling than hearing the National Anthem being played because of you.

How did powerlifting help shape you as an adult:  Gave me a new perspective on life. I gained team mates who have become my extended family. I was able to meet people from all over the world which showed me a different level of appreciation for others. I was exposed to so many unique experiences during my training, travels and competition which shaped me to who I am today.

What did you get from powerlifting, other than physical strength?  A new level of mental strength and determination which gave me an amazing extended family while allowing me to travel the World to places had it not been for powerlifting, I would have never had the opportunity to go.

Advice for young lifters?  Don't give up and take chances. I had no idea what I was getting into with lifting but I'm so thankful I was given the opportunity. Training is never fun but being on that stage getting white lights is reflective of how hard you train, your focus and your determination. Get out there and have fun. Make the judges smile. I'll never forget the time that Johnny Graham was head judge and about fell out the chair laughing because after I lock out for deadlift I would smile waiting for the down command.

Countries / Places you've  visited because of powerlifting:
  • South Africa
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Guatemala
  • Canada
  • All over the US including Texas, Missouri, Florida, Nebraska, and Indiana

Anyone that you would like to thank:  There are so many people who deserve thanks. Had Jon Magendie not asked me to go to that first practice and maxed out his credit cards to get us gear (that he is probably still paying off today)!! And had the team at Nicholls not been such an amazing, welcoming team, I would not be where I am today. Jon and my team got me started and cheered me on each and every day. My family traveled the world to cheer for me and support and cheer for all of my Teamates. I've had amazing numbers keepers like John Tabarlet who crunched the numbers and knew what we needed to lift to win Back to Back National Championships and beat a Louisiana Tech team that had never been beaten before. Sherman Ledford with Quest Nutrition for being my Nutrition Sponsor and providing me with the best supplements money could buy. My Husband who after I had decided to retire from lifting, pushed me to start back up again and got me to another Women's Nationals which allowed me to make the Open World USA Team 2 years in row. I was able to train for 2 Open Worlds next to Wade Hooper, who gave me a new perspective on amazing strength and determination. Inzer and Titan both sponsored me over the years and provided me with the best gear that was available. I was also sponsored and supported by so many friends, family and local business and owe a great deal of Thanks to all of them. Without this entire team of people that I am still so blessed to be surrounded by, I would not be where I'm standing today receiving such an honor of being the 2019 Louisiana Powerlifting Hall of Fame Inductee.
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