Information & Links

National/International USA Powerlifting links:

USA Powerlifting - [Official Website, Facebook, Twitter]
IPF, the International Powerlifting Federation
USA Powerlifting National Qualifying Totals
IPF/USA Powerlifting Approved Equipment List
World Anti-Doping List of Prohibited Substances

USA Powerlifting Louisiana Programs:

USA Powerlifting - Louisiana - [Facebook]
Louisiana High School Powerlifting Association
Louisiana Tech Powerlifting - [Facebook]
University of Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns Powerlifting - [Facebook]
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge - [Official Website, Facebook, Twitter]
Fletcher's House of Power - [Facebook]

Other State USA Powerlifting Programs:

USA Powerlifting Mississippi
USA Powerlifting Texas
USA Powerlifting Florida
USA Powerlifting Pennsylvania - PurePowerlifting
For a complete list of USAPL State websites, please visit USA Powerlifting's Links page
Texas A&M Powerlifting
Longhorn Powerlifting

Meet Director Helpful Links:

USA Powerlifting's Meet Director's Resource Center
Joe's Powerlifting Toolkit's Next Lifter Software (Free Software, here's why)
Wilk's Calculator