Inaugural Hall of Fame Inductee - Dr. Billy Jack Talton

Dr. Billy Jack Talton

1958—Graduated from Minden High School
1962—Graduated from Louisiana Tech University (B.S.)
1962—Assistant Football Coach at Bastrop High School
1964—Graduated from Louisiana Tech University (M.S.)
1965—First competed in powerlifting himself
1967—Assistant football coach at Captain Shreve High School
1967—Graduated from Northwestern State University (Ed.D.)
1972—Head Football Coach—Cedar Creek High School
1974—Became a faculty member at Louisiana Tech University
1974—Started the Louisiana Tech Powerlifting Team
1978—Collegiate National Championship Meet Director
1979—Became a National Official
1979—Held the first Louisiana Tech High School Invitational
1981 to 1995—National Collegiate Chairman
          1981—Committee added a women’s division
          1985—Committee incorporated drug testing
1982—Became an IPF International Official
1994—Inducted into the LHSPLA Hall of Fame
1996—International Paralympic Committee Referee
1998—Assistant Coach – IPF Junior World Team
1997—First recipient of USAPL Coach of Year Award
          (Award is named after him)
2000—Recognized as a founder of Louisiana High School Powerlifting
2001—Retired as Head Coach of Louisiana Tech Powerlifting
          22 National Collegiate Powerlifting Championships (1975-2001)
2014—Inducted into Ark-La-Tex Sports Museum Hall of Fame
2015—Inaugural inductee into USAPL Louisiana Hall of Fame

I owe a huge amount of gratitude to Dr. Billy Jack Talton for my powerlifting career. From the first day that I walked into the La Tech powerlifting gym (The Dungeon), Dr. Talton has been a mentor and encourager in my powerlifting career for over 30 years. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this honor of being inducted into the USAPL Louisiana Hall of Fame than Dr. Billy Jack Talton.

-Tim Smith
Every time Dr. Billy Jack speaks, you hold your breath in anticipation and point your ears forward because you know everything you're about to catch is going to be golden. Everything he says is a psalm, a masterpiece of experience, character, and just being human. Every word, I swear, holds some secret or key. And you just try and catch it before it fleets away from you.

-Cody McElroy
Dr. Billy Jack Talton is the one person who comes to my mind when somebody mentions the sport of Powerlifting. No other man has done what he has done for the sport as a whole. As for Louisiana Tech Powerlifting, he has left a legacy like none other to live up to. That is something I constantly remind our team about and I believe it is the fuel to the fire in our team. Thank you Dr. Billy Jack for everything you have done for us and the sport.

-Josue Leon
Billy Jack's legacy can be described as someone who gave his all no matter what. He approached the sport of powerlifting with intensity, determination, and execution whether lifting, coaching, or refereeing. His ability to elevate those around him to their max potential set him apart from all others. Billy Jack epitomized legacy and the Hall of Fame by living a life that changed the world of powerlifting forever.

-Tyler Gerfers
Coach Talton is very well deserving of this awesome award that will be given to him. His discipline that he brought to the program is what I think kept the program in order and very successful. His passion for the sport was contagious and we all felt like we needed to win for Coach Talton. We all felt like family and we treated each other like family in and outside the weight room. Thank you Coach Talton.

-Charr Gahagan
I met Dr. Talton for the first time at the North Regional Powerlifting meet with my coach and friend at the time, Wade Hooper. For me it was an honor to meet the legend that is the "Father of Powerlifting" in Louisiana, and he greeted me as a friend. Since then, my whole family has become to know Dr. Talton as both a coach and a very close family friend! I look forward to every powerlifting meet to see Dr. Talton sitting in the head official chair, and get to hear stories of the old days. Dr. Talton is known to tell stories, but as an Irondawg from La Tech, it is a treat to hear how the Irondawg's began! I can't begin to thank Dr. Talton for everything he has done for the sport of powerlifting and for the friendship I have with him.

-Ben Brooks
Dr. Talton has been the most influential person on the path I have followed as a powerlifter and coach. He has been many things to me over the years: a coach, father figure, friend, teacher, and mentor. As a coach he was a great motivator and you never wanted to let him down. He has influenced hundreds of young men and women to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives. He always knew when to kick me in the butt and then how to bring me back up and get the best out of me. There will never be anyone else like him!

-James Townsend