2021 Hall of Fame Inductee - Keith Bourque

Keith Bourque

Family: Parents Audrey and Dudley Bourque sister Debra Wood brother Shannon Bourque

Occupation: Purchasing agent

Hometown: Judice Community, Louisiana

High School: Acadiana High School 1981

Hobbies:  working out, golf, running

How did you get started in powerlifting:  When I first started working out my friends said I should try it I was strong for my size.

First meet: January 1984, USPF LA. State Championship

Best meet: All of them they were all fun.

Last meet: January 1995, USPF LA. State Championship

What are some places that you have traveled to for powerlifting: All round Louisiana, Alabama, California, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Meaux France.

Where did you train: Champion Health Club, Red Lerille’s

Records: At one time held all La. state records for the USPF and the ADFPA. National American, and World records in the squat for ADFPA

How did powerlifting help shape you as an adult: That when I put my mind to it I can achieve anything.

What did you get from powerlifting, other than physical strength? I was make friends from all over the world.

Advice for young lifters? Don’t gave up working out it will keep you young, just don’t have to go has heavy in joy.

Anyone that you would like to thank: First the person that got me started Troy Sonnier Dr. Richard Guidry, Chiropractor he keep me together. My uncle Bobby Latiolais that came with me to all most all my meets took my dads place, my dads passed my few months after my first meet. My training partners Darrel Huval, Carl Comeaux, and Tim Early. And all of my family and friends that came to my meets