2020 Hall of Fame Inductee - Jeff Douglas

Jeff Douglas

Family: Wife Melanie of 32 years, daughter Susan, son Knute, granddaughter Allie and God son Ty Hooper

Occupation: Plant manager of Plywood company in Ruston, LA

Hometown: Hattiesburg, MS

High School: Hattiesburg High

Hobbies:  Powerlifting has been my hobby for over 40 years.

How did you get started in powerlifting:  I started training to get bigger to play football.

First meet: My first meet was the USPF 1977 Southwest YMCA in Jackson,MS. 2nd place 148 weight class.

Best meet: 1998 USAPL Open Nationals in Denver. 110kg BW with a 2028 total that put me on the first USAPL Open National Team to go to IPF Worlds in Ukraine now biggest total(2083) came at 48 at 2011 USAPL Master Nationals In Atlanta.

What are some places that you have traveled to for powerlifting: I’ve been to Ukraine, Canada, Poland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and Dubai,UAB

Where did you train: Gyms I train at now are Revolution Fitness Hattiesburg and Iron Force Gym West Monroe

How did powerlifting help shape you as an adult: Powerlifting made more confident in all my daily life activities.

What did you get from powerlifting, other than physical strength? I believe powerlifting taught me discipline and patience.

Advice for young lifters? Stay patient and strength will come

Anyone that you would like to thank: I thank my wife Melanie for letting me stay hangout at meets and train like a kid for our entire marriage and Wade Hooper my training partner for 25 years, along with Pete Alaniz of Titan Support systems my sponsor of over 30 years.

Anything you'd like to add? Powerlifting has brought me a lot of great moments such as championships, being the only Father/Son(Knute) to compete on the same open IPF worlds but being elected to the Hall of Fame of the Greatest Powerlifting State in the USA is at the top of the list now.