2018 Hall of Fame Inductee - Gerald Welch

Gerald Welch


Family: Wife Glenda

Occupation: Retired plant operator

Hometown: Hackberry, Louisiana

High School: Hackberry High School

Athletic Background: Football, Track, Basketball, Softball and Baseball.

How did you get started in powerlifting:  Started lifting after knee surgery to strengthen joints.

First meet: Alexander, Louisiana - I was doing great until deadlifts. I pulled my opener with ease and was red lighted. I pulled the same weight again with ease and was red lighted. Then after a couple of discussions with judges I realized I was being done wrong. I waved off my last lift. This was against lifters using drugs.

Best meet: All of my meets except two were best meets to me. I met old friends and made new ones. I enjoyed the challenge and experience that came with the sport.

Why did you retire from competitive powerlifting: It got hard on me financially and a strain on my family. I retired meeting all but one of my goals. I did want to set some records in the masters.

What are some places that you have traveled to for powerlifting: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Missouri, Chicago and Worlds in England.

Where did you train at and with whom: McNeese University had a powerlifting team so I joined them to learn the basics. I also worked out at home and Bylers Gym in Hackberry.

How did powerlifting help shape you as an adult: I became a better adult by becoming respectful towards all athletes in all sports.

Anyone that you would like to thank: The people I most respected in the sport of powerlifting are Brother Bennet, Doc. Rhodes, Chad Durricell and Troy Byler.